Monarchy brings peace Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Illia II Sunday Sermon

Georgia is the oldest monarchy, constitutional monarchy brings peace, - Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II said the in the Sunday Sermon at the Holy Trinity Cathedral today.

"Georgia is the oldest country with the oldest culture. Perhaps we should think about who we were in the past, who we are today and who we will be in the future. 
Georgia is the oldest monarchy. Thanks to God, we were ruled by the King. Today there is constitutional monarchy in many countries, which means that there are kings but they do not rule the country. Constitutional monarchy brings peace. It will not happen today, but we must analyze the past, present and future,” said His Holiness.
He expressed hope that Georgian people will find a way to establish peace.

Sunday 18 June 2017 

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