Tbilisi, State of Georgia.


His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Davit Bagration Mukhran Batoni,  Head of the Royal House of Georgia, attend the Tbilisi city hall meeting reporting on the progress of infrastructural works following the first anniversary of the tragic flooding of Tbilisi on 13th June last year.


The Prince Davit was present for the presentation and review of the accounts put forward by Tbilisi Mayor Mr David Narmania.  Mayor Narmania explained in detail the level and intensity of works undertaken in the city since the flash flooding which cost the lives of twenty three city dwellers.


The presentation of accounts reveals that the damages caused by the heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding, amount to a staggering 90 million Georgian Laris (42 million US Dollars).  Of these, 26 million Laris (12 million US Dollars) have been funded through donations from different individuals and sectors.


The Royal House of Georgia took a  active part in encouraging members of the Royal Court, Knights and Dames of the Georgian Royal Orders and its supporters, to raise funds for the disaster relief and reconstruction Fund.  The Mayor of Tbilisi, David Narmania, personally thanked Crown Prince Davit for his collaboration and financial support.


Prince David expressed his surprise and said he was very impressed by how quickly and efficiently the city had returned to normal and by the major infrastructural reconstruction. 


His Royal Highness The Crown Prince Davit, Head of the Royal House of Georgia, paused to reflect on the lives lost and the hundreds of families affected by the disaster and invited his supporters to continue supporting the disaster relief and reconstruction Fund.

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