Serbian Patriarch decorated by Prince Davit of Georgia

With the Patriarchal blessing of His Holiness and Beatitude K.k. Ilia II, Archbishop of Mtskheta–Tbilisi, Metropolitan of Abkhazia and Pitsunda and Catholicos–Patriarch of All Georgia, the Heir to The Throne of Georgia, Grand Master of Georgian Royal Orders and Head of the oldest surviving Orthodox Royal Dynasty in the world,  His Royal Highness Prince Davit Bagrationi-Moukhraneli Batonshvilli of Georgia, has bestowed upon His Holiness, K.k. Irinej, Archbishop of Pech, Metropolitan of Belgrade-Karlovtzi and Serbian Patriarch the highest distinction of the Royal House of Georgia – the rank and honor of The Grand Collar of The Royal Order of The Eagle of Georgia and The Seamless Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The investiture was held in Belgrade in the Throne Hall of The Serbian Patriarchate on the day of December 15th 2011. The ceremony in the Serbian Patriarchate has also been graced by the presence of His Grace The Right Reverend Bishop Atanasije of Hvosno and His Grace The Right Reverend Bishop Andrej of Remesiana, members of the Patriarchal staff and a delegation of the members of The Order from Greece, Spain and Serbia.

On this historical and memorable occasion, His Highness has addressed His Holiness pronouncing a formal address, whilst His Holiness has graced those assembled with warm and pastoral words, expressing his strong belief that this opportunity is to serve as a strong impulse for establishment of closer relations between the Churches and peoples of Georgia and Serbia. His Holiness has emphasized the similarity of the cultures, martyr’s history and spiritual experiences of the two ancient Orthodox nations, which is the seed of their future fruitful fraternal relations.

Following an unusually long-lasting audience in the official quarters of the much esteemed Host, and mutually beneficient and spiritually fulfilling talks, His Holiness has graced His Highness The Prince and members of his Royal entourage by accompanying them to the Patriarchal Chapel of Saint Simeon The Myrrhgusher and the Meeting-hall of the Holy Assembly of Bishops of Serbian Orthodox Church.

According the blessing of His Holiness, His Grace The Right Reverend Bishop Andrej of Remesiana has honored the Royal Guest and his company taking them to venerate at the Belgrade Cathedral Church of Saint Archangels, and after that they have had the opportunity to visit some of the other sacred sites of the Serbian capital.
The first official visit of His Highness The Prince of Georgia to The Serbian Land.

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