Orthodox Christmas Mass

His Royal Highness The Prince David of Georgia, attended the Mass officiated by His Holiness Illias II in the Cathedral of Sameba, on the occasion of the Orthodox Christmas, which was also attended by thousands of faithful. The religious celebration was transmitted on television and was attended not only by the Members of the Holy Synod, but also by the Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Irakli Gharibashvili and the Minister for Energy Mr Kakha Kaladze, and lasted all morning.

The Mass was followed by luncheon at the Georgian Patriarchate, with traditional songs and dancing.

Extract from the Epistle by His Holiness the Patriarch Illia II of all Georgia, Christmas Day, 7th January 2013:

"The King was concerned with all of his people, of the nobles, and led and protected with his sword, the territory, his inhabitants and the Church, was a source of spiritual enlightment and ensured the active participation of the peasants, everyone was united in our country, the whole organism lived in its entirety, where everyone had the ability to serve God and country..."

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