At the invitation of Father David Lonergan, Parish Priest of the Georgian Apostolic Orthodox Church in Ireland, parish of St Maximus the Confessor, in Donnybrook, Dublin, and of Father Kumelashvili Malkhaz, His Royal Highness The Prince David of Georgia attended Holy Eucharist on Sunday 15th September, 2013.

His Royal Highness appeared visibly moved and enormously happy to be sharing his faith with his co-nationals in Dublin, and the attending congregation were delighted and overjoyed to be visited by the Head of the Royal House of Georgia. During the beautiful and moving Eucharistic celebration, which lasted over two hours, The Prince David was asked to move to a place nearer to the altar screen, and after Eucharist, a group photograph of all those in attendance was requested by the officiating clergy.

A prayer for the Bagrationi family was said by Father Kumelashvili Malkhaz, who also prayed for His Holiness and Beatitude the Patriarch Ilia II, and for the wellbeing and faithful following of the Georgian nation. Many in the congregation were in tears, moved by the special and unique occasion.

The Parish community then held a large and sumptuous reception in honour of His Royal Highness The Prince David, in the parish halls. The reception was organised by Mrs. Gutsa Tsereteli, a parishioner at St. Maximus. His Royal Highness and his entourage were invited to listen to beautiful Georgian traditional chant-song, led by Mrs. Zizi Nanobashvili-Loftus, and sung by a choir entirely composed of very young children. Rapturous applause broke out after a particular song composed and dedicated to the birth of the Royal Heir, His Royal Highness Prince Giorgi Bagration Bagrationi.

The Prince David spoke and met to every single member of the Georgian community in attendance, and shared stories and reminiscences about their home country.

His Royal Highness’s retinue were also very warmly welcomed and expressed themselves to be overwhelmed by the kindness, hospitality and affection shown towards them. The Prince David was accompanied by The Duke of San Jorge, The Marquis of Ferris, The Count of Boluda and The Baron de Giorgio, his Special Envoy to Ireland, Dr. James O’Higgins Norman and Mr Ian R. Galloway.

Loud and continuing applause broke out, along with cheers and tears, when His Royal Highness The Prince David left the parish halls to continue with the programme of the Royal Visit to Dublin, with many parishioners following him to his car.

The event was also attended by Irish press photographers.

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