The Royal Visit to Dublin was meticulously planned and organised by an organising committee in Dublin, headed by His Excellency Dr. the Chevalier James O’Higgins Norman, and supported by Mr. Patrick Downes, Mr. Ian Galloway and His Excellency The Baron McClafferty.

All the detail was painstakingly arranged and agreed with The Baron de Giorgio, who was nominated by the Grand Chancery of the Royal House of Georgia to co-ordinate and oversee matters with the organising committee in Dublin. Inevitably, there were some pleasant surprises, which allowed for informal moments during the Visit.

One of them was the visit of the Royal party, entirely unannounced, to O’Donnaghue’s Pub in Dublin, a landmark pub visited by statesmen, politicians and heads of state. His Royal Highness The Prince David was able to enjoy a pint of Guinness with his retinue and to pose for photographs with the pub’s staff behind the bar, and to chat with the customers. He was asked to sign the visitor’s book and signed autographs for members of the public.

There was another pleasant surprise when the Prince was invited to pay his respects at the Irish Police memorial garden in the Dublin Castle grounds. A sombre moment of reflection, prayer and dedication, equally unexpected and carefully attended to. His Royal Highness took that particular opportunity to thank the members of the Irish police and security forces who had contributed to his visit to Ireland.

His Royal Highness The Prince David was also informed that a member of an Afghan Royal Family happened to be staying in Dublin over the same weekend and a meeting between the two Princes was arranged at the Stephen’s Green and Hibernian Club. In the entirely private meeting over tea and coffee, Their Royal Highnesses discussed in detail, and with concern, the international and local issues affecting their countries, particularly security and governance.

The Afghan Prince commented extremely favourably on the very valuable and useful contribution of the Georgian military contingent in Afghanistan which continues its peacekeeping and policing mission in the war-torn country.

His Royal Highness The Prince David was also invited to visit Afghanistan.

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