Second birthday of HRH Giorgi Bagration Bagrationi

As a result of the large number of greetings and good wishes received on the occasion of the second birthday of HRH Giorgi Bagration Bagrationi, The Prince of Mukhrani and my future Heir, The Princess Ana , his half-sisters Irina and Mariam , and I personally, would like to thank all those who have sent in their expressions of affection, from Georgia and overseas, and especially to the members of the Royal Orders of Georgia: the Eagle of Georgia, St. Queen Tamar and the Order of the Crown.

HRH Prince Giorgi Bagration Bagrationi of Mukrani was granted the Grand Collar of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia and the Seamless Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ, at birth; and on the occasion of his second birthday, he has been invested with the Order of the Crown of the Royal House of Georgia, the third most important Order in the Royal House of Bagration of Mukhrani of Georgia.
The insignia consists of a silver sheet, with a red Maltese cross bordered in white. In the centre, a bordered circular tincture holds the Georgian flag, with the royal crown in gold on a base azure in the centre. And from each of the intersections of the cross's arms, emanate 7 silver strips.
I wish to once more personally offer my thanks for such a show of affection, may God protect Georgia and the Georgians.

27th September 2013
Day of the Ascension of the Cross and the Fall of Sukhumi.
H.R.H.Prince Davit Bagration Mukhran Batonishvili of Georgia

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