The Association of Foreign Title Holders in Malta hosts The Prince Davit at the Royal Patron s Dinner

His Royal Highness The Prince David of Georgia was the guest of honour at the Royal Patron's Dinner organised by The Association of Foreign Title Holders in Malta at the Naval and Military Club on Saturday 29th November, 2014.

The Dinner, attended by a number of very distinguished guests, including The Right Honourable The Lord Lingfield and Colonel Professor Alan Roberts, both Deputy Lieutenants of Her Majesty The Queen, was held in the Club's splendid main dining room, in what was the former house of Lord and Lady Astor.

His Royal Highness was received by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. The Count Gauci, Hon. President of the Association, who also received and greeted The Prince David's retinue which included The Duke of San Jorge, The Count of Boluda and The Duke of Ferris.

Amongst those introduced to His Royal Highness were Countesses Gauci and Falzon-Sant-Manduca, His Excellency Comm. Dr. the Chevalier Jaime H. Cremona and Dame Liliane Avellino. Before the dinner, The Prince David was presented with a portrait painted by a young Maltese artist, Mariam Mifsud de Giorgio, to commemorate the occasion, by Count Gauci and The Baron de Giorgio, Hon. Secretary of the Association. The Prince was delighted with the gift.

At the end of Dinner, Loyal Toasts were offered to Her Majesty The Queen, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, Patron of the Club, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and the Royal Family. At the end of the Hon. President's speech, a toast was given to His Royal Highness The Prince David of Georgia, who replied with a moving speech about his family, his country and the Association.

The dinner's patrons were The Marquis Drago, The Count Gauci, Count Falzon-Sant-Manduca, Baron de Giorgio, and Dame Liliane Avellino de' Marchesi Drago et de' Baroni della Gabella della Scannatura di Trapani

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