Prince Davit Visits Her Majesty s Naval Base in Portsmouth and HMS Victory

His Royal Highness The Prince David of Georgia, accompanied by The Right Honourable The Lord Lingfield, was received at Trafalgar gate at the Portsmouth Royal Naval Dockyards, base of Her Majesty’s Ship (HMS) Victory, historic flagship of Admiral The Lord Nelson, where he was received by the Royal Naval Museum Director-General, Professor Dominic Tweddle and Dr Andrew Baines, Curator-in-Chief of HMS Victory.

The Royal Party entered HMS Victory through a special Entrance, through which Vice-Admiral Viscount Nelson entered the ship on his way to Trafalgar in 1805.

The Prince David was then piped aboard by a Royal Navy and Royal Marine honour guard in the traditional manner for a visiting Admiral. There was a detailed tour of the ship with explanations of the fifteen year restoration project by Dr Baines. His Royal Highness, accompanied by The Duke of San Jorge, Duke of Ferris, Count of Boluda and Baron de Giorgio, together with Mr Nigel Branson from the Order of Mercy, could see the spot where Nelson fell mortally wounded and the place below decks where he died.

Luncheon was then served on board in the historic cabin of Captain Hardy, the ship’s captain at the Battle of Trafalgar. His Royal Highness and his party where then conducted around the Museum to see the Nelson relics there and other important historic maritime artefacts.

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