The Royal House of Georgia

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H.R.H Prince Irakli Bagration Mukhran Batonishvili of Georgia

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The Royal House of Bagrationi has contributed greatly to the history of the Georgian Orthodox Church. The kings of this Royal House were very much concerned with strengthening the Georgian Church, and were constantly working toward this objective.

During centuries, patriarchs and kings co-existed in harmony. The
Orthodox Church has canonised – among others – King Davit IV, Queen Tamar, King Demetrio II and King Luarsab II.

Many generations have been raised based on the example of their works and their spiritual lives. The Bagrationis were not only kings, but also outstanding members of religious orders and patriarchs.
Some members of the Bagrationi dynasty were enthroned as patriarchs of the Georgian Orthodox Church:

HH Davit II (1426- 1428), HH Davit V (1466-1479),
HH Melchizedek II (1528-1552), HH Nikoloz VII (1584-1589),
HH Domenti II (1660-1676), HH Domenti IV (1705-1741), HH Anton I (1744-1788), HH Ioseb (1769-1776) and HH Anton II (1788-1811).

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